Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some untold facts of "For what you are..."

"For what you are..." was conceptually a tragedy with the name "Puppets of destiny". The four central characters were Snigdha, Atul, Avinash and Rishabh. I had given it my heart and soul just like I do to my every story. The time I had completed it, I sent it to my friend and asked her to give her feedback and suggestions whether to proceed with it or not. She didn't reply. Three days later, I rang her up and asked about the story. She replied - "Its the cruelest story ever I read. I can't imagine that you could be so cruel to those people who happen to be characters you created. You are as callous as their destiny. The last dialogue of Snigdha disturbed me so much that I shut myself in my room and cried a lot."

Her words disappointed me too. Later, she called me again and asked to pay heed on her words. She told me that such a story will not do good with my writing start. She said that people are already facing a lots of trouble in their personal lives. They want such a story which could make them feel relaxed.

I co-incided with her words. And once again, started working on the plot. It was very hard job to do. I wiped out every negative point from the story and inserted positivity there. I added few new characters and the central thought, which was to give the negative touch to the story, came out to be positive.

And that was how, "For what you are..." finally came into existence...


  1. Well Sneha, there are moments when I wish to speak or write a lot but I don't get words to express my joy. 'Panah' will bring a new breeze in the field, I believe and also that it will be highly appreciated by all. Your aunt is also conveying her best wishes to you. God be with you.