Monday, October 31, 2016

Dear SRK, why did this happen to your FAN...?

Dear SRK,

First of all, let me make it clear that I don’t like you much. However, I confess that once upon a time, I used to be a big fan of yours. I remember I had just passed High school when your OM SHANTI OM had released. I remember I had enjoyed your movie.

Until then me and my friends liked you very much. I can say that we grew up watching your movies. And it is also true that we used to go gaga over your different avatars. You ruled our discussions. We always had different opinions about which SRK was better – the SRK of ‘KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI” or the SRK of “DIL TO PAGAL HAI”. Your action in ‘BAAZIGAR’ and ‘KARAN ARJUN’ seemed more lively than today.

I cannot recall when or how I started disliking you. Perhaps, when I acquainted the real world and faced the hardships of life, I understood that your movies are nothing but lies and myths folded onto a sugar-stick of dreams. As they are rightly called ‘Hawa Mithai’. I remember I was graduating when I had become insanely bitter towards you. However, until last two-three years, I understood that you are just an entertainer and your livelihood depends on the movies you make. There is no point in loving or hating you. There can only be like or dislike.

But, there are a lot of people who literally die for you. One of such people is a person I know since childhood. You can say that we grew up together. I have seen his madness for you. You were no less than God for him. No matter how many stupidities you committed or illogical statements you gave, he was always there to defend you and fight for you. He stood by your side when you compared soft drinks with mother’s milk during that ‘insecticide’ controversy. He vowed to avenge for your ‘insult’ on American airport. He could literally do anything for you.

But, he was altogether a different person when I met him recently. We discussed the not so enthusiastic performance of your movie FAN. I counted your shortcomings and to my utter surprise, he agreed with me. I was astonished! How could he accept your mistakes? But he did. I remember what he actually said, “If he continues doing silly mistakes like this, his downfall is inevitable.”

I didn’t know what to say! I was dumbfounded. I wondered what happened to him! What happened to your FAN?

And, why did this happen to your FAN?

Dear SRK, you may not consider it important but your movie “FAN” intentionally or unintentionally showcased your attitude towards your own fans. And, you might have understood by now that they certainly didn’t like it. So, not as your fan but as a simple movie-buff, I wish to warn you to check yourself. Don’t let this happen to your fans. Your arrogance certainly suits you but not on the cost of your fandom. You need to accept the fact that every bit of your stardom is indebted to your fans. Don’t ever release such silly statements which tend to make your fans ‘intolerant’. You need to know that you are nothing but an entertainer. It is your fans who make you a celebrity, a star! Yes, of course, some fans cross their limits but your humility is the need of the hour. Your survival as an entertainer depends on your conduct towards them. Your fans might not bear your constant taunts and tantrums. Don’t let your ‘FANS’ down.

You might be wondering why this long-gone and irrelevant issue caught my attention. Well, there are two reasons. First, the SRK Fan I talked about, met only few days ago. And secondly, FANS or FANDOM is never an irrelevant issue for a star. Hope you get my point.

I just hope that my words reach some well-wisher of yours and you get to know what your fans think about you.

Good luck with your RAEES!

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