Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Essential things every woman should have...

Education -

Every woman should study as much as she can. At least a Post Graduate degree is essential in any stream. Education always opens the door of opportunities. Keep aside the employment point of view, education develops mental and moral strength. Education is the biggest strength of any woman.

Technical Skills-

Be it the latest mobile app or the new version of desktop operating system, women should keep themselves updated with latest technology happenings. Gone are the times when being ignorant was considered cute. At present, being cute could be vulnerable and more likely prone to dangers. If women wish to become smart, they need to act smart. Technology not only helps in flowing with the wind, it also helps in avoiding being fooled around.

Friends and Social Network -

It is always said and also partially true that the brotherhood among men is stronger than the sisterhood among women. If a woman falls in a problem, another woman thinks a million times before deciding to help her. Obviously, lot of other obligations stop their way. But in the changing scenario social network and friends do play an important role in anybody's life. You never know when you may need their help. So, it is good to have a reserved life, but do not fail to have few strong bonds of friendship. Never let your voice remain unheard.

Confidence -

Every woman should trust herself, respect herself and stop seeing herself from other's eyes. Women need not the society or a fairness cream company to tell them that they are beautiful. Remember, the world is going to treat you the way you treat yourself.

And last but the most important -

Brain -

Women should have brain or the common-sense as we say. Being emotional is good but being an emotional fool can turn out to be disastrous.


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  1. :) Nicely written special mention for the confidence part and your comments on all women being beautiful. I too strongly believe that all women are beautiful