Thursday, February 25, 2016

I’m not perfect…, and I’m lovin’ it ;)

I do not know why I always take Perfection as a delusive state of mind which is probably the brainchild of some person suffering from megalomaniac sophistication. Maybe, someday somebody would tell me that he/she is perfect and I would indulge myself heart and soul to figure out his follies. Well, well it could be straight envious human touch but I do have a dark heart for people who claim to be perfect. What do you mean by calling yourself perfect? You mean that you are perfect and superior and others who are imperfect are just being graced by your presence?
Well, I smell haughtiness here.

Mine are different! I am perfectly happy being imperfect. Imperfection had given me bliss. I open- heartedly welcome and accept my shortcomings and secretly giggle at my slipshod. I do understand that I am not a Superwoman and I cannot certainly be perfect at whatever I do. I can be good or just okay but certainly not perfect…

As far as I remember, I weren’t a perfect daughter or sister. At times, I used to fight with my Mom and brothers and registered my sharp disagreements with Papa on certain decisions. I didn’t behave like a typical ‘holy cow’ North Indian daughter and as far as I assess, my parents and brothers are still proud of me. It is just like the sheer pleasure of having enchanted ringing bells in your ears when they appreciate my decisions and admit that I have a mind of my own which works beautifully though, of course not so perfectly. I believe perfection is certainly not necessary to be a darling daughter. All you need to do is love your loved-ones unconditionally.

I don’t think I have been a perfect wife or daughter-in-law as well. I do forget where my husband put his favorite jacket or what groceries we needed for the next day. But, I do make it sure that everything happens on time and nobody gets late to work. At times, I do forget and leave the oven switched on but I never miss a chance to narrate my silly anecdotes to my in-laws to make them laugh. I don’t think perfection is that much required for creating and spreading and celebrating happiness. I am certainly not a perfect cook. I am not an expert at Chinese. I don’t know Italian cuisines but I am happy that nobody could raise a finger to my Indian style cooking and whatever experiments I do in my kitchen are saluted by my husband and my in-laws. I do not feel that sophisticated perfection when I fool myself around in my house especially in front of the LED when my husband is really in a great mood to play FIFA Soccer on his X-BOX 1. I love to make silly faces when he begs me to move away and let him play. Well, I am not that perfect at teasing but I do my best and I really love myself for that.

I am certainly not a perfect writer. I make grammatical errors and at times, fail to comprehend what I actually feel. But when my readers say that they love whatever I write, I feel that it is worth it!

I believe that perfection is nothing but a delusive state. The moment people around you get used to your perfection, you no longer remain perfect for them. They simply and unknowingly raise their expectations and thus automatically you are reduced from being perfect to yet-to-be-perfect level and once again the level of perfection gets set beyond your heights[And admit it, your reach!]. You just can’t keep everybody happy. You just can’t meet everybody’s expectations. You just can’t be a robot to nod ‘yes’ to whatever being filled in your ears. Happiness is what counts in the end. People only mind how happy you are and how much happiness you spread and celebrate. You should love what you do and if you don't, be clear, be confident and be happy about it. World is not going to end if you are not perfect at anything. There is no need to put an extra pressure on your mind in the already pressurized surroundings until and unless you and your loved-ones synchronize happiness happily.

So, as the anti-perfectionist syndrome once again giggles inside me, I once again state to all the people reading this blog, are you still trying to be perfect? Just shrug it off! Because believe me, I’m not perfect…, and I’m lovin’ it ;)

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