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Give me one example of failed love and I will give you 10 examples of successful relationships

I have come across many people who do not think twice before generalizing everything. Just because you are too immature to handle relations, just because you are too naive to take decisions, just because you don't understand your responsibilities, just because nobody ever taught you to value your relations, you do not get a right to spread negativity of your childishness and immaturity by stating that "Love doesn't proliferate and Successful relations do not exist."

Here I am sharing two real life stories which I personally adore.

Life is indeed a fairy-tale. All you need is guts and commitment!


'Ajay and Kajol would not last!' This was media’s verdict when the two hogged the limelight for pairing up in real life. The critics labelled them as an ‘unlikely pair’ due to their contrasting personalities.

While, Ajay was known to be shy and an introvert, Kajol was a live wire, who would burst into vivacious laughter at the drop of a hat. Few believed that the relationship would not last long, let alone culminate into marriage. But, defying the media speculations, the couple got married after a four-year long courtship and is still going strong. 

Tying the nuptial knot
Kajol, who was always found reading a Mills & Boon novel, had finally fallen head over heels in love with her Mr. Right. Ajay explained their relationship by saying, "We never resorted to the usual 'I Love you' routine. A proposal never happened. We grew with each other. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always imminent."  This ‘unlikely pair’ tied the knot on February 241999 in a true Maharashtrian style.
Ajay, often regarded as ‘camera shy’, wanted the marriage to be a private affair. He did not even hire professional photographers for the wedding, insisting that he would be the only one with the camera. Therefore, the photographs were totally up, close and personal.The newlyweds left for a two-month long honeymoon to Europe soon after their wedding.

Brushing off the controversies
No matter how smooth their courtship was, their marriage saw a lot of ups and downs. Post the marriage, there were rumours that Kajol did not get along with her in-laws well. But, she came out strongly against the allegation. Also, the couple had to face several media attacks. One of the popular magazines had published Ajay's alleged affair with a much younger actress. Kajol reacted to this saying, “I don't believe in those rumours because I know the way this industry functions. You cannot continue a marriage without the basic trust. Frankly, I don't care for such talk."

Testing times

It was in 2001, when Kajol was pregnant with her first child. Devgn family was all set to welcome their bundle of joy, but Kajol suffered a miscarriage in the sixth month of her pregnancy.
Maintaining great dignity in his sorrow, Ajay informed the media, “Both of us were thrilled when we learnt of the pregnancy. If not today, tomorrow we will look forward to starting a family. Kajol will be back on her feet before you know it. We're happy together and that's all that matters.”

The joy of parenthood

Two years after the miscarriage, the couple got a second chance to experience parenthood. It was on April 20, 2003 that Kajol gave birth to their gorgeous daughter Nysa. Yug, their son came seven years later. Since then, Kajol took motherhood as her first priority. She has also been turning down several offers from the industry till date, just to stay at home with her kids. While for Ajay, Nysa is her weakness; he hates it if he has a day off and she is not around.

Opposites truly attract!

Kajol, in an interview, once said, “I’m really nasty, critical and cutting. Ajay is a much better person than meIt’s not easy being the sensible one all the time, but he’s such a gentleman.”  No wonder this couple has braved all the controversies and testing times, and has managed to come out strong. Ajay sums it up the best. He says, “In our differences we complete and complement each other.”

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An Eternal Love Story- Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh

They fight, they play
and that’s the way, 
they are meant to stay!
Some Love Stories are Meant to be Forever…
Year 2002, it was a day just like any other day but who knew two hearts are going to be one and forever after this day. A 16 year old girl, full of inhibitions came at the Hyderabad airport with her mom to meet a young boy from an influential family of Maharashtra.
The girl was Genelia D’Souza and this young man was none other than Riteish Deshmukh. 
Surprising Twist- Destiny has Different Plans
Initially, Genelia thought that being a chief minister’s son, Riteish will be a spoilt brat and full of tantrums.  So, she decided to give him attitude before he did! Oblivious to her thoughts, Riteish arrived on the terminal and saw this tall girl, who shook hands with him and started looking in a different direction. This cold reaction left him wondering, as why she was behaving so awkward? 
This was their first meeting for the test shoot of their debut film- Tujhe Meri Kasam.  
On the Sets...
To Genelia’s surprise, opposite to her thoughts, Riteish came out to be extremely humble and polite with everybody on the sets. During the shoots, Riteish was immensely respectful towards Genelia’s parents. The actress found it endearing that despite being the Chief Minster’s son (Late-Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh) Riteish was completely down-to-earth.

Best Friends Forever- They Complete Each Other
The story moved forward from here, the two youngsters made things easy for each other on the sets.
Not much people know Riteish is also a professional architect, and architecture is what he used to discuss with Genelia on the sets. 
And young Genelia used to share updates about her college and exams with him.
I Love You- Never Happened 'Officially'

Soon, they became best friends off the sets.
The fondness grew but no formal proposals were made from any side.  
After the Hyderabad shoot, Riteish came back to Mumbai. By now, he had started missing Genelia’s company. She also could not keep herself untouched by his charm. The aura of Riteish was slowly taking over her. Love was never a sudden thing for them, It was a slow process, where they first got to know each other and before they could realize it, they were in love!

Journey from Friends to Best Friends to Life Partners
A 16 year old girl and a 24 year old boy, met back in the year 2002. They gradually fell in love and after a 9 year long relationship, finally tied the knot on February 3, 2012. This youngest couple of Bollywood literally grew up together.
The beauty of this relationship is that they were so used to each other as friends that till now also they don't know when love 'officially' happened and who proposed whom?

A Decade of Love but the Discovery is still ON!
In the times, where break-ups and link-ups are like the trends around, this is one inspiring couple that has stood by each other for more than a decade now. Riteish- Genelia, have always been in love since their first film, but being from a non-filmy background, never disclosed it in the media. The strong bond of commitment between them has made them the first couple of Bollywood to never have a single share of controversy or link-ups with any other co-star till date.

Secrets to a Happy Married Life:

A relationship based on understanding and friendship without insecurities, makes this beautiful couple shine out from rest of the celeb crowd.

Those Unsaid Promises:

Riteish: Genelia gives him unconditional support and love. Her love is the most amazing thing for him. He is deeply and madly in love with his wife.

Genelia: Riteish is a secure husband and even the decision to work in movies after marriage is totally her choice. Her husband is always by her side to support her in her decisions. For her, guys like Riteish are rare in today's world.

Most Beautiful Part about This Couple
There were no formal proposals, no candle light dinners to woo each other.  For Riteish and Genelia being happy with the person one loves has always been the most important thing. With parent’s blessings always by their side, this couple never gave a second thought to marriage. The most romantic aspect of this celeb-jodi is that they started off being friends and even after their marriage are still the best of friends.

A journey from being 'sweet' young lovers to a beautiful 'mature' married couple- Wishing this cutest couple's love to blossom and be as pure as it is now- Forever!


Love is a genuine feeling which happens only to those people who are mature enough to care for it and dare for it. 


  1. When u love someone,it is nothing. When someone loves u it is something. When u love someone and they love u back it is everything...

  2. Negativity spreads faster. For positivism, you need canvassing and propagation, yet it may perish as an unrealistic dream. Lord Krishna preached the Bhagwad Gita as positivism for the benefit of the mankind. How many of us follow the ideas therein? On the other hand, there can be no census for people spreading negativism.
    In the present era, where the meanings have changed, the distorted and misconceptualized definition of love leads us to dark. Love is not infatuation, infatuation fails. Love is not lust. Lust makes our heart impure. Love is the purest of all feelings. Love is not one-sided, it is a mutual understanding kind of thing that both care for each other, share with each other and complete each other. It is not a game of exchanging the three magical words, it is an untold feeling.
    If life has been ruthless to you, there must have been some reasons behind. Love is never universal because we define it differently. If love is based on some greed, physical beauty, the building of love is destined to be demolished.

    1. Yes Anuj, absolutely right! Thanks a lot for such a genuine comment!

  3. Nice real life stories. But these are exceptions. All are celebrities, have a lot of money. Another example could be Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. Sridevi is celebrating 50th birthday and still their love going strong...I enjoyed her performance in English Vinglish... In India because of customs, society even couples who have a failed relationship still stay together for the sake of children, society etc.,, Difficult to judge.

    1. Yes Sir I agree with you. thanks for your comment!