Tuesday, August 6, 2013

JUST ONE CHANCE : An attempt to a Romantic Monologue

I beg your pardon, Sir! Kindly,
Forgive me for I adore you so blindly.
But here, let me one thing confess,
Your presence is like Almighty saying, “I bless –
-You with the secret treasures of mine!
Sending you the moonlight and the sunshine.”
Forgive me, Sir! But let me live in the hope you gave –
-Unintentionally. Yet your munificence renders the ample warrant to save –
-Me from all the hopelessness, cries and sorrows.
And why shouldn’t my heart cherish the happiness it borrows-
-From you.

No, tis not, never your gentle eyes or face
Nor was I lured by your charming glory and grace.
Not again the customized comprehension and speeches
Not your finest linen, But I fell for the screeches –
-Received by the translucent conscience of my emotions –
- Raised by your presence violating brutal precautions.
Count every moment to get immaculate evidences.
Your presence in my life is just episodes of co-incidences.
With laws and rules, my heart-strings declared a mutiny –
-To be my life, my love, my wants, my needs, my destiny –
-With you.

Here, open your heart and let my love creep in-
-To adorn your life. I will make you wake up and sleep in-
-My dreams – I dust the walls and domesticate my skills to muffins.
I know not how to lure you but with my delicious cuisines.
Leave a clue on the table with your instantaneous prowess
A note of tacit desires telling how to impress-
-You. Go, invade the mountains and dive deep in the sea
And let me know if you ever found a lover like me.
And I am here to set new definitions of romance-
-If you become a recipient of my profound love – I want just one chance –
-For you.

[Copyright © Sneha Gupta]

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