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NICK FURY : Director of SHIELD

Nick Fury is one of the key characters of Marvel Universe. He grew up on the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen in New York during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Recruited by “happy” Sam Sawyer, who would serve as his commanding officer for most of the war, Fury enlisted in the US Army at the outbreak of World War II, eventually becoming the sergeant in command of the HOWLING COMMANDOS, an elite unit of Able Company given the most dangerous missions.

Fury and his Howlers racked up impressive victories over the Axis forces, defeating enemies such as Baron von Strucker and his Blitzerkreig Squad, and the Red Skull. Wounded, Fury was injected with an experimental Infinity Formula by Professor Berthold Sternberg. The formula allowed Fury in spite of injuries which could have been fatal. But he lost his left eye in the process. The drawback of the formula was that Fury needed a yearly dosage to survive. On the positive note, the formula greatly expanded Fury’s lifespan. After the war, Fury was an agent for the OSS, and then the CIA, earning the rank of colonel. When Super Heroes began to appear, the CIA employed Fury as a liaison between them and the government. Fury then headed Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate or in short THE SHIELD.

SHIELD’s first mission was to destroy the terrorist cartel HYDRA, which had been founded by Fury’s old foe, Baron von Strucker.
After Fury led a failed coup attempt in Latveria, he lost his position as director of SHIELD, but he formed a team of Secret Warriors to help repel the Secret Invasion, after which he learned that Hydra was secretly behind SHIELD. Fury’s love child Mikel had thought that Nick Fury’s brother Jake Fury was his father, but when he learned the truth, he joined the Secret Warriors, only to be killed in action. A long hidden son of Fury, Marcus Johnson became Nick Fury Jr. and joined SHIELD to lead the organization’s new team of AVENGERS.

Real Name : Nicholas Joseph Fury
Occupation : Spymaster, director of SHIELD
Base : SHIELD Mobile Helicarrier
Height : 6ft. 1 in
Weight : 102kg
Eyes and Hair : Brown
General Info. :

Nick Fury is a trained soldier with decades of experience. His youth and vigour have been maintained, despite his age, by the rejuvenating Infinity Formula. He is an expert martial artist and highly trained in the use of all kinds of weapons, both conventional and advanced.

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