Saturday, April 14, 2012

Few words to share...

I was extremely disturbed last week. I blocked all the connection. I remained alone for the maximum time. I kept myself shut in my room and didn’t allow anybody to come inside. A few friends called, but I didn’t pick up my phone. I just wanted to be alone. By the end, I understood what had disturbed me that much.
Life and worries are synonym to each other. But shall we really waste our life in just worrying about everything? We get life only once. And here comes the point. I always believe that we deserve the right to live life to the fullest if we fulfill our responsibilities. And I myself have discovered some simple tips which could add extra joy to our life and make it more enjoyable than ever. So, sharing some of them with you.

1.       Get a job and balance your earnings. It is very important. You cannot always enjoy your life on your Dad’s money. Spending self-earned money just makes a way towards the bliss of life. It is quite possible that you may not get enough time to enjoy. But then, do your job like a master, not like a slave. Give importance to yourself.
2.       Make friends and enjoy with them. First and foremost – friends always add your joys. Make as many friends as you can. Make big large circle of friends. But then, sort out such friends among them, whom you love to hang out with. Plan a trip. Do what you always want to do. Watch a movie together. Never miss a chance to add some memorable moments of life. But make sure, you find friends worth being called a friend.
3.       Go crazy. You need not always be perfect. Remember the story of “Perfect Princesses”?  Sometimes perfection may cost your happiness. You need not always be perfect, idealistic or ethical. Play pranks. Tease some friend. Shout, sing, dance [even if you are a bathroom singer, consider yourself no less than anybody else]. Explore something unexplored. Do something unexpected. No matter how the person next thinks. Just go crazy sometimes.
4.       Be adventurous. Do something adventurous. Visit some unvisited places. If you think like doing something then just do it. Try to figure out adventure in every little thing you do. In my case, I make even my regular job adventurous. Whenever I do cleaning in my house, I just consider the broom the mighty sword of King Arthur and the dust around, nothing but the small mischievous imps. And whenever I clean the roof, I consider it an attack of tyrannosaurs which I have to destroy. It simply depends how you think and how you make it. Even the simple cooking can be like a victory over Troy. [Now I know what you are thinking about me – girl with broom !!! ha ha ha] 
5.       Be friendly and trustworthy with your parents. No adventure or craziness of yours can make a sense if you are not friendly and trustworthy with your parents. Remember that they are only your parents whom you can trust unconditionally and after doing all the mistakes, you can go back and expect the things to get amended just after a sorry. Plan some surprise party exclusively for your parents. Call their old friends for a get-together. Plan a religious trip and most important, never fail to praise your parents for whatever they did for you.
6.       Give surprises to siblings. Don’t forget to care for the sweetest relation of life. Tease them, pull their legs, organize occasional fights and if nothing then just keep shouting around. Don’t forget to impose your authority quite often. And by the end of the day, buy a beautiful surprise gift for them.
7.       Keep yourself away from time-pass affairs because such things not only cost your money and attention but also the most precious thing of life- time!
8.       Go for the one you love to talk with. Always prefer to such a life partner with whom you can have good conversation. Lack of conversation has been a reason for the failure of relations. Don’t hesitate to think about the one with whom you love to talk a lot. It is better if you ignore the physical appearance because it is the thing which fades with time.
9.       Jump, dance and sing around if you discover that you have started liking someone. Celebrate it. Very few people are so lucky and do be proud of yourself if you become one of them. And then, start conspiring to get him/her. Do whatever you can do to give a clue of your feelings. Don’t give up and at such time, don’t be too rationale. Just give up practicality and go crazy. Don’t give yourself a reason to mourn in future that “Had I taken that decision….” Don’t make any space for a “Kaash…” in your life. A ship is safe at harbor but it is not made for that. Enjoy the storms. Be daring enough to propose and mean whatever you say. Trust yourself and keep in your mind what Paulo Coelho has said – when you desire for something [or someone] whole-heartedly, whole world conspires to get it for you. At this stage, your friendly and trustworthy relation with your parents will help you a lot to gain that relation which could be no less than a wonderful achievement. Nothing is impossible in this world of IT Revolution and nothing is mightier than a man’s will.
10. Maintain the balance between friendship and love. I often come across such posts across facebook stating “Aaj phir pyar dosti se haar gaya..” etc etc.  I just laugh at such stupid silly things. Comparing love and friendship is just like comparing your right eye with your left eye. Nothing is more ridiculous than intermingling love with friendship and Friendship with love. None of the two can substitute the other. Love is such a strange relation in which the lesser time you spend together, the stronger the bond becomes. Friendship on the contrary, demands enough time together. The Two are complementary to each other.
11.  Get a camera and click every precious moment of your life. Make a collage. Save it either in your computer or your album. They will make the most precious memories alive.
12. Don’t ever bother about just every person. If your parents are happy with you, if your friends laugh with you, if your siblings love you and most important -if your love understands you then, you need not bother about anybody else. You cannot please everybody. Just care for the people concerned to you. Just live your life the way you love.
13. And last but not the least. Give up pretension. Don’t try to impress anybody. Just be yourself. It is all okay if you have several faults, if you are not that perfect. Just be yourself. Because it is important to get such people around you who love you as a whole. Be loyal in all your relations!

You might be thinking why I am giving such lecture! Actually, I just wanted to share my views about life and how we live it and how we make it. Some of the points may seem childish but we know how much a child  treasures happiness. The ultimate goal of all our efforts in life is only and only happiness. Then why shouldn’t we live our life such a way that we encounter happiness at every step of life! Because we get life only once!


  1. Dhanya bhaagya hamaare jo Sirji blog par padhaare :)

    Glad glad to discover that my casual funda of life could be compatible with wisdom reasonably. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks a lot for the precious suggestions.

  3. All was fine, but a grammatical mistake has been pointed out by me, as it has been my bad habit since childhood. Please don't mind. It is in the sentence "You might be thinking that why I am giving such lecture!" The two conjunctions that and why should not come along.

    Thanks and best wishes.

  4. Nice, subah ka bhul sham ko ghar aa gaya.