Thursday, May 24, 2012

To whom I may concern....

The reward of my writing I got from my colleagues is now I write and type almost all official letters. Few weeks ago, it was one of such days, when I was typing an official letter. While I was re-reading it for editing I figured that I had done a mistake with the header of the letter – “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN”
I had left the letter ‘T’ by mistake and now it read, “TO WHOM I MAY CONCERN”
Whole sentence caught not only my eyes and attention but also my thoughts and sub-conscious mind. It somewhat echoed inside my brains – “To whom I may concern…..????”
All of us know the meaning of the above mentioned sentence. It is meant for the addressee. That the letter being sent is whole his/her responsibility and the content inside the letter matter to them and deserve their prior concern. Once the sender sends the letter, his concerns end right there and then the addressee’s concerns arise.
As I read my mistaken line, I felt myself like similar letter. But in my case, - “To whom I may concern” is not a header. It is rather a question. The answer yet to be discovered.
What are the contents in my case? My nature, my behavior, my anger, my cares, my affection and every that little thing good or bad I possess. To whom these may concern?
My book got fame. I got name. Whenever I look around myself, I come across thousands of people who are ‘interested’ in me. But not a single person ‘concerned’ to me. A lot of people are there who will willingly raise their hands up to take the credit of my success, but not a single person to hold my hand amongst my failure. A few acquaintances call me crazy for the immense planning I do before beginning any new thing. I do not feel the necessity to reply them. But if there is any reason, then it only is, that failure could make me weaker in spite of all the promises made to me during my success season. Whenever I think about anyone concerned to me, a void comes to my thoughts…
Generally you walk fast when you have to travel all alone. You know that nobody is there for your company and thus your destination gets your prime focus rather than the pleasures and enjoyments of the ways….
I never found happiness. I always created it. I never ran after laughter. Instead, I created moments to laugh. Because I know that till date, it is only myself to whom I may concern….
Unfortunately, I had taken the print out of that mistaken mistyped letter and thinking not to waste it, I had kept it in my purse for some use in future. Few minutes ago, I was looking for my pocket diary in which I had written an important scene of my second novel. I always keep this diary in my purse and as I was hunting through my purse, this piece of paper came across my hands.
Life is all about being concerned. It is most probable that in near future, in such a similar case, somebody would willingly replace the word ‘whom’ with ‘Sneha’ but I don’t know whether I would ever come across any such moment or not!
I think it is my first blog where I have opened my heart to this extent.
With my downed eyes, I am reading that mistaken header which appears as a question mark to me – “TO WHOM I MAY CONCERN…?”


  1. Very intriguing post here.. and very deep as well.. I would say that the words, "to whom I may concern" almost sounds like the first line in a really good poem.. but also in your case, the first line in a novel.. Beautiful.

  2. That was so thoughtful of you.The plain simplicity with which you have put a very powerful question can reign almost ever readers mind..and may start the quest of finding the answer to the particular mis written sentence gone question.
    It is always good to let out something you wish to :) which you just did.
    Nice post.

    1. You are right Alcina. This question may arise inside any heart or I should say in every heart. everybody wants a person whom he/she can feel to be concerned...

  3. My dear friend,
    I can tell you are a lover of words. Yes and you use them well. You are equally very talented (smile). Thanks for sharing.

  4. "A lot of people are there who will willingly raise their hands up to take the credit of my success, but not a single person to hold my hand amongst my failure." hmmmm. very nice.