Friday, January 4, 2013

Loving my way.... This is what love means to me...

Love is a genuine feeling only for those people who are mature enough to dare for it and care for it. Love never comes to those who haven’t become mature enough in their life. Sadly, in today’s life-style it is hard to find such a person who is mature enough to deserve love.

Love never happens for temporary things like beautiful face or personality or wealth. The everlasting feeling of love always looks for permanent and strong things like nature, ideas, thoughts, views, gesture and behavior.

Love is like a co-valent bond. There is nothing like ‘give’ or ‘take’ in love. It is all about sharing. Like carbon and hydrogen share electrons in co-valent bond, lovers share feelings, care, trust, commitment and life. Where there is anything like give or take as in the ionic bond of Sodium Chloride where Sodium always gives and Chlorine always takes, it cannot be love. Because, one day the person who is in the habit of giving might become proud for making all contributions and the person who always takes might feel guilty of doing nothing at all. There could be another situation like the ultimate giver may get irritated and the ultimate taker starts taking it for granted. Love is, however, to be valued. And value is in sharing. Love is all about sharing.

Love always happens to people alike each other. The theory of ‘opposite attracts’ works well for friendship. But for love, the ultimate theory of ‘birds of same feather flock together’ works. The relationship which grows on the theory of opposite attracts, more or less meets an end. In my opinion, love flourishes when the lovers share good understanding. And understanding comes when the two actually feel each other’s feelings. It can happen only when both of them have gone through similar phases of life. It is quite unreasonable to expect a person sweet by nature, to understand the toughness one bears in his/her persona. Though both of them could be mature, it becomes really hard to maintain such a relation which counts more on differences than the similarities. Mostly people like that very instinct in anybody’s nature which they don’t have in themselves. But such a relation can count well on friendship, not on love. Love flourishes between people who are similar because such a relation develops and goes easy on understanding.

Love adjusts not compromises. If there are a lot of compromises, then certainly it is not love.

Love never makes one feel guilty. If you feel guilty for loving someone, then certainly there is some hidden selfishness in this relation. Or maybe, you know that you are not the right person for him/her. Better, you let it go.

Love never weakens. Love is a powerful feeling. It always strengthens the lovers. It gives them the courage to fight the odds and get a way which suits everybody. Love is like a flamboyant river-stream which finds its own way, cutting all the rocks coming in the way and finding a way through all the obstacles. And what makes it more miraculous that even after going against the rocks; it makes them more meaningful than before.

Love never destroys. Love has the power of construction which creates trust, faith, care and commitment.

Love never makes you feel ashamed. If you are afraid of accepting it in front of anybody, then certainly you are not in love. Truth is, the moment you fall in love, you actually rise in life.

Love gives the strength to confront life more enthusiastically and joyously.

Love makes life beautiful.

There are no people like boyfriends or girlfriends in the world of love. There are just lovers who care for their love.

Love is not a thing of timepass. Those who try to pass time with such a genuine feeling like love, are actually destroyed by its chastity and mostly remain unloved all throughout their life.

There is only one desire in love - to make the other happy and feel special. Love just counts. It happens unexpected but stays forever.

There is nothing like show-off in love. It is just the surplus amount of happiness which gets reflected itself.

Love is very precious and comes only to those who are capable enough to value it and care for it. It never goes to those who try to play with it or make fun of it. Love never goes to kids or immature people who cannot hold it.

Only mature, truthful and honest people are blessed with love in life.

A successful marriage does not count on its being love marriage or arrange marriage. It simply depends on the two people involved. Be it any kind of marriage, its success always counts on love. It is just a myth that arranged marriages are more successful. It is only that arranged marriages mostly happen on the family’s will. It may at times be full of compromises and sufferings and sacrifices. But since the parents do not get their children married on the basis of feelings, they seem a petty issue for them. However, such a condition simply leads to depression and destruction. Similarly, just a love marriage cannot guarantee success if the people aren’t mature enough to value and care for relations. There is actually nothing like love marriage or arranged marriage at all. In the former, you find your life-partner before your parents do and in the latter; your parents find your life-partner before you do. Whether you’ll live a happy life or not simply depends on your maturity. It is quite a foolishness to destroy one’s life just in the name of sacrifice for parents. If your parents are unable to understand your feelings, then it simply means that you didn’t maintain such a healthy relation with your parents which is called a mutual bond. And if you find that the person your parents chose is right, your love story starts at that very instinct leading you to a love marriage. Similarly, the moment you find a person whom you find alike, who understands you and completes you, you yourself discover the ways to appease your parents which leads you to a happy arranged marriage. It all depends on finding the right person who could make you complete. And the ability to figure out the right person comes by maturity. Maturity comes by responsibilities and life-experiences. Responsibilities and life-experiences second a self-made person. People are self-made by struggles. Struggles give the experiences of life. And those who experience life, value love in every ways. Self-made people do not rely on external reasons. They become mature enough to make their life beautiful on their own. And they know that the key to a beautiful life is love.

Love means falling for the same person every new day for a new reason always a new way…

There is also a bit of intense insanity in love. Because if it is not insane, it is not love…

Love is a genuine feeling only for those people who are mature enough to dare for it and care for it…


  1. Outstanding write up on the feeling, the simplest in fact, though regarded as the most complicated. The most important function of our brain is to make complex things simpler. You did that very well. On behalf of all those who are matured enough to understand and handle this feeling, I appreciate this write up of yours. My request to those who think they are in love is "Judge yourself very well before uttering those three words to someone. These words should not be fake at all. Maybe you can make someone feel at the top one day and maybe the same person finds himself a used or a broken piece of materialistic world. If you genuinely feel you cannot do without them, then go ahead. Nothing can stop you. The world is yours. But if they don't feel the same for you, never force them and come out of their way." Thank you, Sneha, for expressing the most beautiful feeling in such beautiful words.