Tuesday, August 23, 2016

That sweet THANKS...!

Supriya was nervously looking at the clock behind the speaker’s head. It was already 9:00pm, still she didn’t know how much more time it would take her to reach home. She was stuck in this office presentation, and there seemed no scope for an early excuse.

Finally, after almost half an hour, the meeting ended on a successful note. Supriya found herself too exhausted to drive all the way to home. Somehow, she dragged herself to the parking and stretched on the driving seat. Another hour journey to home! She didn’t know why she felt like crying. What a life she was living? Waking up every morning to worry about breakfast and lunch, juggling between her husband’s and her child’s daily needs, rushing to office, working like a maniac and coming back all the way worrying about the dinner and again the next day’s circus… Although, she had house-help for all domestic chores, it was the lady who was running the house. And only a working woman could understand that no house-help could substitute the role of running one’s own house. It was Supriya’s personal decision to be a working wife and Mom. She knew that her husband took pride in her decision. Having a regular routine kept her fit and her managerial skills were tested time to time. She knew that her husband tried to do his very best to comfort her and help her in everything. But that 
was always very little.

There used to be some days like that, when she hated her life.

It was almost 11:00pm when Supriya reached home. Her husband was home and watching TV. She felt like shouting on him but somehow contained herself and went straight to the bathroom. A warm shower lightened her mood to some extent and when she came out, she found her husband holding her favorite pyjama set for her. But, she didn’t say anything.

Her husband, who was perhaps expecting some appreciation from her, went on to say, “Today, I have tried to do something in the kitchen. Hope, you might like it.”

Supriya didn’t reply and went to her baby boy’s room. The child was fast asleep.

“I fed him choco flakes. I didn’t know he liked them so much.” Her husband had sensed her bad mood and he was following her all across the house.

Still, there wasn’t any response from Supriya. She went straight to the kitchen. Traces of turmeric powder which were cleaned hastily were quite visible on the otherwise white kitchen tiles. Many jars had been replaced and that had led to the improper closing of the kitchen box and drawers. Oil was sprinkled on the oven. In nutshell, whole kitchen was a mess. Supriya took few seconds before she opened the lid of kitchen bowl and found freshly made chicken noodles. She picked up the bowl and placed it on the dining table. Her husband followed her with two plates.

Supriya served without a single word.

“I read the recipe somewhere. Hope it is good.” Her husband said.

Supriya didn’t say a word. Salt was too much for her taste but she remained silent.

By the time, the dinner was finished, her husband was done. Supriya could clearly see the sadness on his face. Her husband cleaned the dining table and went straight to bed.
Supriya was left all alone introspecting herself. Her bad day was not her husband’s fault. He could have easily remained oblivious to everything with an I-have-nothing-to-do-with-all-this attitude. Instead, he did his best to cheer her up. And she awarded him with a cold response.

Supriya went into the bedroom and found her husband lying with closed eyes, perhaps trying to sleep. She cuddled onto his back and said softly, “Thank you, Rajeev!”

“For what?” Rajeev asked coldly.

“For loving me so much!” Supriya nuzzled onto him lovingly.

Few moments later, Rajeev turned back and kissed her.

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At times, we are so busy complaining about the negativities of our lives that we forget to be thankful for the beautiful positivities.

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