Saturday, December 31, 2016

The World is Not Going to End...

Last post of this year about something very small but important…!

My pregnancy has been the toughest phase of my life. The physical pain was much more than I had anticipated. I used to wonder whether I would be able to cope up with the upcoming responsibilities or not! But I am thankful and grateful to God for showing me a completely new facet of life during this period.

We witness a number of mishaps around us. Negativity reaches our minds via electronic, print and social media. And in this hullabaloo, we often miss the positive moments life brings to us. I realized this when I actually started looking for it.

During my pregnancy, my Boss and colleagues were very co-operative towards me. Especially my Boss was not only helpful, but also very caring and played the role of a Professional Guardian, a Father Figure! The most positive change happened with my workplace customers who used to complain about almost each and everything. They suddenly became very nice towards me as soon as they came to know about my condition.
But I am not here to talk about the change which happened to my known ones. I wish to share an experience with a stranger, which left a great impression on me.

I remember, it was the third trimester of my pregnancy when I had to go on deputation. The destination was relatively far from my house and I was worried of getting sick on the way. Somehow, the cab driver, whom I had hired, read my mind. During the hour long journey, he maintained a smooth drive and asked a couple of times, “Madamji, aap thik ho na?”

When I reached the office, he offered to walk beside me to the main gate. I denied and he left saying, “Apna dhyaan rakhiyega.”

I know it is not that big an incident, but if you ponder over its positive facet, it is a great gesture of humanity.

We do not fail to share our negative experience. I decided to share a positive one. The world is not going to end. There are good people around us. We need to share as many good experiences as we can. This way, we can motivate people towards good deeds. It is one hundred thousand times better than spreading negativity. It is a very small episode and it might appear insignificant to you. But as they say, “Small things can cause bigger effects.” So is this incident to me…

The light of God always shines upon those people who are nice to others…!

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