Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sneak Peek into Kunal Marathe's "The Internet Sensation"

I got a chance to read few unedited chapters of renowned author Kunal Marathe’s soon to release book “The Internet Sensation”. Well, friendship does give you few favours indeed. I am really grateful to Kunal for considering me for this privilege.

“The Internet Sensation” is a coming of age crime thriller. It revolves around the normal day-to-day life of a college student, his dreams, his love interest and his perceptions about different facets of life. The story gets a kick-start when the protagonist commits suicide in the very beginning of the book. Kunal has chosen the second lead i.e. the protagonist’s best friend, as the narrator. He narrates the story of his best friend to the investigating officer and that is how the cards unfold.

The prologue of the book is mind-boggling. Totally raw, crude and unexpected…! Even the opening sequence of the main story is relatively blunt. People with soft heart and mind may take a little longer to get used to this style of story-telling. But, that is what appealed me the most. It is time we quit sugar-coating ourselves and come in terms with the reality of life. And “The Internet Sensation” could be the perfect start for such people who are actually looking towards it. The title itself justifies the story and narration since Kunal has chosen the sensational art of story-telling.
The sample chapters of “The Internet Sensation” have left me craving for more. I cannot wait to read this story as a whole. Let us see, what more Kunal has to offer in this wonderful crime thriller.

Best of Luck, Kunal!

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